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Castlevania Lament of Innocence - Limited Edition Music Sampler 2003
Копозитор: Michiru Yamane
Особенности: Избранные композиции из LoI, а также SotN.
1-Elemental Tactician
2-Ghostly Theatre
3-House of Sacred Remains
4-Bizarre Room
5-Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab
6-Stone King Golem
7-Garden Forgotten by Time
8-Fog-enshrouded Nightscape
9-Resonance of Malevolent Souls
10-Dark Palace of Waterfalls
11-Melancholy Joachim
12-Lament of Innocence (Leons theme)
13-Dark Night Toccata (Walters theme)
14-Destined Cruz
15-Requiem for the Dark Souls
16-Holy Cross Obsessed by the Moon
17-Nocturne in the Moonlight
18-Dracula Castle
19-Tower of Evil Fog
20-Wood Carving Partita
21-Requiem of the Gods
22-Path of the Departed
23-Lost Painting
24-Waltz of Pearls
25-Young Nobleman of Sadness
26-Strange Bloodline
27-The Final Toccata
28-Black Feast
Castlevania Lament of Innocence Original Soundtrack 2005

Копозитор: Michiru Yamane
Особенности: Все композиции из игры, а также ремиксы и бонусные трэки.
2-Forbidden Fate
3-Cursed Memories
4-Traces of Malevolent Souls
5-Prologue to the Black Abyss
6-Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab
7-Stone King Golem
8-Rinaldo's Cabin
9-Garden Forgotten by Time
10-Resonance of Malevolent Souls
11-Fog-enshrouded Nightscape
12-Death Flower Succubus
14-House of Sacred Remains
15-Elemental Tactician
16-Statue Enchanted by the Darkness
17-Bizarre Room ~Undead Parasite Theme~
18-Dark Palace of Waterfalls
19-Water Prison
20-Melancholy Joachim
21-Ghostly Theatre
22-Nightmare Aria
23-Snake Head Medusa
24-Prison of Eternal Torture
25-Bloodstained Demise
1-Castle Keep Entrance
3-Rear Garden
4-Pagoda of the Misty Moon
5-Lament of Innocence ~Leon's Theme~
6-Darkness (924 Кб)
7-Dark Night Toccata ~Walter's Theme~
8-Dracula Appears (5,2 Мб)
9-Demonic Symphony Poem ~Death's Theme~
10-Castlevania Reincarnation
11-Admiration Towards the Clan
12-The Cross of Fate
13-Holy Cross Obsessed by the Moon
14-Requiem for the Dark Souls
15-Christmas Carol ~From House of Sacred Remains~
16-A Stranger Met by the Wind ~From Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab~
17-Castlevania -2003-
18-Cursed Lady ~From Snake Head Medusa~
19-Young Nobleman of the Water Prison ~From Melancholy Joachim~
20-Destructive God from the Past
21-Leon's Belief ~From Lament of Innocence~
22-Candy and Whip
23-Joachim of the Clear Blue Riverside